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    Joining Party and ArticleRevision table

    Mohsin Asif Active Member



      We have manufacturer information in Party table in pim db and items information in ArticleRevision table. How do we join these two tables to get all items by a particular manufacturer? Thanks.

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          Lokesh Kumar Guru



          If the field being referred here is Article.ManufacturerName then the value should be stored under ArticleDetail table and so you can join with ArticleRevision table where Manufacturer is stored here:


          select Identifier from [PIM10_MASTER].[dbo].[ArticleRevision] where ID in (select ArticleRevisionID from [PIM10_MASTER].[dbo].[ArticleDetail] where ManufacturerName='Manufacturer1')


          Else if it is a different datamodel where the column stores the ID then you might have to join with MAIN schema Party table along with ArticleRevision and ArticleDetail (depends on data model).


          - Lokesh Kumar

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            Andreas Bühler Guru

            Hi Mohsin,

            what is the use case for this?

            Direct access to the database tables is not supported in Product 360 and can lead to

            performance or stability issues.

            If you need access to data you should use the REST based Service API to do that.

            You can also execute search queries there which should fulfill all your requirements.