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    Write multiple files dynamically in IDQ Developer

    Karan Rohira New Member

      Do we have capability in IDQ Developer to write multiple files dynamically at run time and pass file names for each files dynamically to it?



      Country1 X X

      Country1 X X

      Country2 X X

      Country2 X X

      Country3 X X


      Output files> Country1_data.csv, Country2_data.csv and Country3_data.csv


      Create multiple target files for each country depending on data received for particular day (can receive data for 10 countries on particular day and can have up to 25 on other day)


      This can be easily implemented in Power center using Transactional control transformation and providing dynamic file names (eg. Ctry1_data.csv, Ctry2_data.csv, so on) at run time to target definition.


      Thanks in advance for any help.