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    DEI expression - MD5 for dynamic port

    hayes5736 Active Member

      I am in the process of creating a dynamic mapping. I have an expression transformation after a lookup transformation. I am passing the ports from the lookup transformation to the expression as groups of ports using dynamic ports.


      So I end up with 2 dynamic ports. One is a group of ports returned from the lookup. The other is the ports from the source.


      I need to apply the MD5 function to the dynamic port that represents the ports from the source. I will be storing this as the hash value in my Hive table. It will be used to compare the incoming source data to the lookup (target) to determine if the data has changed. If so I will do an update, else insert (or reject if no change).


      If I try to apply the MD5 function to the dynamic port I get an error. I was hoping to avoid having to pass in a parameter containing a comma separated list of port names. That could prove troublesome for sources with a large number of columns.


      Is it possible to accomplish this task using dynamic ports?