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    PIM upgrade

    Soumya Arivini Seasoned Veteran

      Hi ,


      Anyone upgraded PIM from to (latest release).

      Do you see any challenges in terms of DB upgrade, web interface changes etc.


      Appreciate your inputs.


      Thanks in advance. 



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          Andre Hagemann Guru

          Hi Soumya,


          HF3 was released today. I guess no one did the installation until now.

          I see no challenges, without the new features, changed options (DB connection string)  or other configuration.


          During update from Release 8 to Release 10 please use the new configuration files and merge your old configuration. Don’t copy&past old configuration to new release, because of added new options or changed parameters. Start with new default values!



          Best Andre

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            Ralph81 Guru

            Dear Soumya,


            if you are using AuditTrail, this migration can take a bit longer and will consume additionl disc

            if there is a Media Manager integration, as André mentioned, the JDBC string has changed.

            Also take an eye on the IDQ Version if used (PAM shows the correct one)


            Best Regards



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              Andreas Bühler Guru

              The new Audit Trail will consume roughly a factor of 10 less disc space than the old one.
              (Out of 2 TB of Audit Trail Database Space we have a 200GB index based on a productive customer example).

              Only during migration you would need the additional space in the elastic search server. After the migration you can delete the old AuditTrail database schema and in total you will save lots of space.


              Please read the operation manual and migration manual and other documentations thoroughly. To get the full power of version 10.1 you also should adjust your workflow implementations to use the new message queue communication.


              Version 10 and 10.1 both have major architectural changes which give you way better performance and stability and a lot of great features.




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                Soumya Arivini Seasoned Veteran

                Thank you all for reply.


                Can you guide me with the steps how to migrate DQ rules and dictionaries of 8.1 to 10.0.

                Have several rules created and configured in 8.1.


                Have gone through migration manual but still not clear.


                Inputs appreciated.




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                  Ralph81 Guru

                  Hi Soumya,


                  as IDQ is not P360 I´m sorry I can not help here but I think there are KB´s and a Migration Manuel for IDQ around.


                  So the Update is IDQ from old to New, new compilation of Custom Rules and review them.

                  After that Import into P360 as before (as the Rules should have always the same new and no Version the Import should work, Keep in mind that the data quality folder must be copied from old to new Version before Updating the Rules)

                  The Default Rules are shipped in the correct Version already.


                  Bes Regards



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                    Soumya Arivini Seasoned Veteran

                    Thanks Ralph for reply.

                    Sorry for the confusion.  I am looking for the steps to migrate PIM quality rules (data quality folder)  from PIM 8.1 to PIM

                    I have loaded new DQ rule packages of . Now wanted to move all the quality rules created as part of 8.1 to