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    Informatica service (infasvcs.exe) is not running but Integration Service is running

    Joshy Lonappan New Member

      I am wondering how Informatica integration service running with out infasvcs.exe is running.


      Here is my situation,


      We moved into new server from old server and Disabled the Informatica service at older server. We restarted the older server( This is not yet retired) after patching, then we came to see that integration Service is up and running even Informatica service (infasvcs.exe) is not running but pmrepagent.exe and pmserver.exe are running. In the Task Manager we can see that informatica services stopped in Services tab  as below,



      But in Details tab we can see that pmserver.exe and PmRepAgent.exe are running.



      We can login to the Admin console also. When I tried start the Informatica services from the Services, its always showing Stopped status. Its trying to Start but eventually stopped.






      Because of this,  jobs are running from the Older server and keep getting failed email alerts. Its a single node setup.


      I don't understand why this is happening. Could you please some one explain me how to stop the integration service?



      Thanks in Advance