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    Table type EDM

    Gaetano Borda New Member

      Hi all,

      I've a doubt with EDM. i searched in all the data archive's guide for an explenation of the type of the table i'm going to archived or not.

      For instance what do these types mean?

      - Do not process

      - Transactional

      - Transparent table

      - Convert transparent table

      - Attachement

      - Configurational

      - Convert transparent table with archived data

      - Operational

      - Pool Cluster

      - Pool Cluster with archived data

      - Seed

      - Summary

      - Transparent table with archived data


      What of these above are avaible for live archiving (archive from a DB to an other DB)?

      I think that some of these (bold style above)  are specific for SAP Application Retirement, but i don't know what mean and if i can use them for my solution.

      For example if i use a table (Table_test) for evaluetes business rules on other tables (Table_primary), can i not archive only the Table_primary and not Table_test in this entity?


      Thanks in advance for your answers