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    EDC -Custom role similar to Native Administrator

    Mayank Raoka Seasoned Veteran

      Hi Team,


      Is there any way we  can directly create another role having similar/All permissions related to Administrator.


      Or we need to give the access to each and every services manually?


      Or directly we can assign custom role as Administrator2  having all administrator permission?



      Mayank Raoka

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          Akshada Sable Seasoned Veteran

          HI Mayank,


          You can make use of existing custom roles provided by Informatica and edit the permissions which you wish to provide to this role.


          Roles are of two types:

          1. System-defined Roles
          2. Custom Roles

          You could create and assign Roles on the Administrator Console security tab.


          To assign a user with Admin role, you can navigate to Groups in the security tab of the Adminconsole and add the user's ID to the Admin group.


          If you wish to create custom role, refer Custom Roles  for more details on this.


          Hope this helps!