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    CDC workflow start in new server

    Arun Kumar Guru



      We have CDC workflows running in Power Center 10.1 and as part of upgrade a new server with Power Center 10.4 is installed. All the workflows are copied from 10.1 server to 10.4 server and 10.4 PWX is installed in DB2 iSeries and extraction/registration map is also copied to the new library of 10.4 PWX. That 10.4 PWX in DB2 has a new library, journals are not shared between 10.1 and 10.4 and ETL access the same journals of 10.1 PWX.


      Through PWX client i can see all the copied extraction maps as well. As part of the testing, we need to run CDC in 10.4 power center. Can this be done by copying over the tokens from 10.1? Does below steps help -


      1. Stop CDC workflows in 10.1

      2. Recover the workflows

      3. Copy the tokens from 10.1 and paste it in 10.4

      4. Execute ETL workflows from 10.4


      Let me know anything missing or needs change