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    XMLR_82070 Error Data conversion failed [Read invalid number [0,00].] - wrong decimal separator

    Marco Martin New Member

      Hello guys,

      i hope someone can help us.


      Following Scenario:

      We recently migrated from PowerCenter 10.2.0 to PowerCenter 10.4.1 and simultaneously we migrate to a new physical Server. All works fine we used the Informatica Guide which explain every Step.


      Some relevant specs to our enviroment:

      We use XML Targets to save the Data for multiple reloads into the DB2 Target.


      Before the Migration there are several XML Files on our System, which we migrate to the new physical Server. Now in our new enviroment, (new Server, PC 10.4.1, same pcrepo)  we cannot load These XML-files into DB2 Targets. There is Always the following Error:


      : [View: [X_Table106] Column: [X_Table106_KONTOSTAND] XPATH: [XRoot/Table106/KONTOSTAND]] Data conversion failed [Read invalid number [0,00].]


      Additional Information, when we now write new XML-Files there is Always a "." as a decimal separator. For Example The Data above Looks like: 0.00 instead of 0,00

      We cant find the Setting to Change back to ','


      Can someone help us ?


      Kind Regards