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    MDM Clone

    sushil Goyal New Member

      Hello, as part of cloning MDM from one environment to another, is there an option to only copy the master data without the core configuration.


      We have a scenario we need to keep refreshing data from the higher environment to lower environment for testing and retain the new deployment from dev.

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          Anuvinda Kulkarni Guru

          Are all the environments using the same MDM version? You can clone ORS from one environment and export/import into the target ORS on another environment.

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            kunal pandit Guru



            If you only want to clone the data and not the configuration, you can consider leaving out the C_REPOS_* and C_REPAR_* tables which have the configuration for the ORS metadata.

            One disadvantage will be that you will need to ensure that the configuration has the correct schema (tables/columns) for your configuration between the 2 environments, otherwise the import process will fail and will cause you unintended issues.


            A better approach might be to do it 2 steps, where you take an export of your Current Metadata, clone the environment and use the original changelist to revert the configuration back to what it is. This approach might be a little time consuming but will provide you a better process where the developers can baseline and leave out any unintended configuration changes as well.

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              Sathiesh M Guru

              Subbu  Dont think probably a good idea to clone only non-REPOS tables and objects.

              Many things may go out-of-sync like ROWID sequences, Match rule ids in MTCH and HMRG tables. Also some objects maybe in METADATA but not physically in DB.

              Our recommended approach is to follow Anuvinda's answer by cloning entire schema and re-import the changelist