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    Deleting data from target MSDCRM

    Shailesh Jain Active Member

      Is there a way to delete/ truncate data from target MSDCRM from within Informatic session mapping?


      The session properties doesn't any option.

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          Sharath G Active Member

          Hi Shailesh Jain,


          There is no truncate option for MSDCRM target like we have for Relational targets like Oracle.


          Below design can be used:

          1) Create a mapping to read data from MSDCRM source and write to flatfile target. Connect only Primary key in the flatfile target.

          2) Create another mapping with flatfile(generated by mapping one) as source and MSDCRM target. In the session properties, select 'Treat source rows as' option as 'Delete'.



          Sharath G