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    Informatica Clients - Downward compatibility with Informatica servers of lower version

    inuser526279 Guru

      Hi Team,


      Can Informatica powercenter client (10.5) talk to Informatica powercenter server 10.4.1?

      or put it other way. Can Informatica Developer client 10.5 talk to Informatica Data Quality server 10.4.1?


      Rationale behind this question is that:

      We have multiple projects using different Informatica products for our end user. There is a plan around end of March 2021 for us to upgrade to all Informatica servers to 10.5 version except one server. That will still be using 10.4.1. In this case, our developers will be uninstalling 10.4.1 clients (including powercenter clients and Informatica Developer clients) and install 10.5 clients. Can these 10.5 clients be able to communicate with 10.4.1 server? Please feel free to revert back if my question is quite confusing.

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