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    How to Get Token Credentials using Rest API

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      @My client is using Informatica Activevos and we didnt had cloud setup yet. So we are using Activevos Designer Version: 9.2.4.

      I have requirement to get token credentials from Rest API using POST. Somehow It is not working.

      Rest URL : https://login-dev.abc.com/as/token.oauth2

      Request need to be passed as x-www-form-urlencoded with key/value pairs

      Key                    client_credentials       

      client_id            123458798798798

      client_secret           e4534634343


      Request looks like below in designer:

      <ns:RESTRequest xmlns:ns="http://schemas.activebpel.org/REST/2007/12/01/aeREST.xsd">



      <ns:param name="Key" value="client_credentials"/>

      <ns:param name="client_id" value="123458798798798"/>

      <ns:param name="client_secret" value="e4534634343"/>


      <ns:header name="Content-Type" value="application/x-www-form-urlencoded"/>

      <ns:header name="Cookie" value="PF=132324"/>




      I did tried passing the key/value pairs within payload too, but that also didnt worked. Can you please help in understanding how to pass the key/values pairs for this Rest call?


      PS: These are not the exact url and data..as it is company specific.



      Pankaj Kumar




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