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    What's the best approach to read and parse dynamic RSS feed

    Mani Ar Seasoned Veteran



      I have a 7 different RSS feed links (which gets updated once in 5 hours) and I am trying to find the best approach to read contents and process them separately once in 5 hours.


      There are few power center documentation links I referred but do not help me greatly.


      Can anyone suggest or highlight a method that you have done for such a scenario please?


      I am trying to use the following:


      1. Use wget command to download the file

      2. Insert the line at the beginning of the downloaded RSS file as <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      3. Use the XML Source Qualifier to parse the file in mapping designer and load my respective targets.


      Please let me know if any of these can be achieved in a better approach than what's described above:



      Mani A