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    Guest User Account Creation seems blocked?

    Reinier van den Assum New Member

      On creation of an Account the DS_AccountTriggerHandler fires nicely to make sure all magic happens for Master Bean and Bean creation.

      A couple releases back, Informatica implemented a FLS (Field Level Security) to check whether or not the user in fact has the permission to read or alter those fields. Though this blocked us partially due to Lead permission being required, even when no Bean in the end was created, this was nicely fixed with version 7.11.


      Per previous Salesforce Release, Salesforce has announced to revoke Edit rights from all Guest User profiles. This will be enforced by Spring '21 (expected February 6th in all Production environments).


      Our current challenge is that the enforced FLS checks also require Bean Edit rights, even for Guest Users, which is now not possible anymore, causing all Publicly implemented Account Creation flows to break per that date.


      I'm curious whether this is a known issue other customers are also facing, or whether we are unique for Public Account Creation?


      Is there any thought whether Informatica will release a fix/patch for this check?

      We don't know whether the Edit Rights is really needed or just a strict check in the FLS implementation...


      Looking forward to your response as we are not getting much feedback when logging a case. Thank you in advance!!