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    EDC 10.4.0-Data Steward, Data Owner and SME by default responsibilities and permission

    Mayank Raoka Active Member

      Hi All,


      I have query related to people section in EDC.As we need to assign data owners, Data Steward and Subject Matter Experts to assets in EDC manually as these users have specific responsibilities and permissions on assets.


      Can anyone tell me what exact responsibilities and permission each has in EDC.As per my understanding for example Data Owner, Data Steward and SME must be assigned to users  before you can certify that. Like this way list of all the specific responsibilities and can they be customize.


      Like same way data owner and data steward by default available for all assets and Subject matter expert is available at resource level.


      Is there any document or article where permissions and responsibilities of each users are mentioned? Can they be customized? I know we can add custom attributes and assign specific permission to them.


      Is there any relation can be maintained between EDC stakeholders vs Axon Stakeholders?

      Any inputs be helpful here.