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    Create PowerExchange for Snowflake Source

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      In PowerCenter Version 10.2 Hotfix 2 opening the "Create PowerExchange for Snowflake Source" windows is very slow. Also selecting and importing the sources/targets is slow.

      Are there any tips to improve performance?



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          Rajesh Thiagarajan Seasoned Veteran

          Hi VA,


          This issue can occur when the plugin initialization takes time during random seed generation in java.security file.


          Please Check if this below steps helps:


          1. Close all the PowerCenter clients.

          2. Open java.security file from Informatica client's <Client_Installation_dir>\clients\java\32bit\jre\lib\security location.

          3. Change the following property value from file:/dev/./random” to "file:/dev/urandom in java.security file.

          Current Value: "securerandom.source=file:/dev/./random"

          New Value: "securerandom.source=file:/dev/urandom"

          Save the changes.

          4. Open the Snowflake import wizard and see if it helps in reducing the time taken to open the wizard.