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    How to use Cleanse rules in BE transformations

    Anders Bergdahl New Member



      I'm trying to concatenate a string "1_" before the value of a field in the BO (Called org_number) so i use a cleanse tranfomation and chose "string function" and function "Concatenation" i leave the first Field Namn empty and instead enter a value in the value box. When i do this i can export but i cant use the transfomation since it won't return anby values.

      Instead i need to enter something in "Field name" it works if i just enter some dummy name but then i get an error in the ORS validation.

      TO work around i have a field that is always null end use that field in "Field Name" then i get me fixed strig "1_" and get it concatenated with a field in String 2 .

      But this contradicts the manual for Mulitdomain MDM 10.3.2 Provisionign tool which states: "

      8.In the Input Parameters section, select the business field to use as an input.

      9. Optional: Enter a input constant in the Value field to enter the value separator when you use functions such as Concatenate."

      Is this a known bug and is there any better work around for this issue??