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    Tomcat/bin cleanUp and Permission error

    Ismahane SILHADI Active Member

      Dear all,


      please help me solve these two problems,

      1- I have the cache (/ETL/Informatica_IDQ/10.2.0/tomcat/bin/cache/) which is full and that I need to clean up but I don't know how.

      2- the second error is in the image below.



      PS: I use MATCH module from IDQ and KEY GENERATOR


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          Robert Whelan Guru

          If there are currently no mapping running, you can just delete the files from the cache location. The second error may also be caused by the cache location being full.


          It would also be a good idea to try determine why the cache location is filling up. Are the files there all recent or are the timestamps old?

          If they are recent then the jobs you are running may require additional disk space.

          If some are older it indicates the cache files are not getting deleted when mappings complete which will only happen if the mapping crashed. In that instance, check if the mapping logs which correspond to the timestamp of the old cache files still exist at INFA_HOME/logs/NodeName/services/DataIntegrationService/disLogs/ms and check for errors which caused the mapping to fail.

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