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    IDQ 10.4.1 support for Red Hat 7.9

    Pawan Patil New Member

      Hi All,


      Hope you all are doing great!!


      I assume there is no new version release for IDQ after 10.4.1,


      According to Informatica 10.4.1 PAM, Red Hat 7.x is supported as OS and 7.8 is the final version supported under 7.x.

      Can anyone please confirm if Red Hat 7.9 is not supported for IDQ 10.4.1?



      Pawan Patil.

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          user126898 Guru

          7.9 IS supported.


          You have to look at the PAM carefully and the wording.  7.8 is not the final as you can see we state "LIKE" these versions.  the second snippet from the PAM states that all forward dot releases are supported as long as the vendor of the software ensures backward compatibility. 


          So long story yes 7.9 is supported as long as RHEL did not change anything to the 7.X os binaries that would cause things to break.



          "Onward minor releases (7.x) like 7.4, 7.5 7.6, 7.7 and 7.8 Final RHEL 7 EUS Release"


          "All forward minor versions (dot release , TLs or SPs) are supported (this is based on vendor's backward compatibility support). Informatica do not test on every release, please reach out to GCS to know exact details"





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            Pawan Patil New Member

            Hi Scott,


            Thank you so much for a quick response.


            I assumed that 'Final' word after 7.8 denoted that it supports only until 7.8.



            Pawan Patil.