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    Accessing PostgreSQL For Axon

    Maurya Bellapukonda New Member

      1) Is there any way that we can integrate Axon PostgreSQL database with other analytical tools (power BI, Tableau?

      2) How to transfer Axon PostgreSQL database backup to other SQL database?

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          Harsha Kaknani Seasoned Veteran

          Hi Maurya,

          1. Currently , we cannot integrate Axon Postgres with other Analytical tools.

          2. In order to transfer Axon Postgresql backup, you can generate the Postgres .SQL file from the Axon Server using the steps mentioned below :

          a. Go to <INSTALLATION_DIR>/scripts and run the following command to back up the database:

          sh axon_db_backup.sh <BACKUP_DESTINATION_DIR>


          b. Go to the backup destination directory to verify that the database backup file has been created. The database backup is an SQL file with the timestamp:




          For example, your backup file might look like this: <BACKUP_DESTINATION_DIR>/postgres_2020_11_18_025744.sql