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    Error when reading multiple base64 data from Salesforce via Lookup in IICS Data Integration

    Robert Max New Member

      The requirement is to generate files based on base64 data from Salesforce "Attachment" object using IICS Data integration. As there are many (>10,000) base64 records need to be processed, I first retrieve the ID only and split them into multiple files (50 each), then another mapping will process the files with limited number of Attachment IDs (PFA. the screenshot of the mapping flow).



      However, the mapping is failing with error "Internal error. The DTM process terminated unexpectedly. Contact Informatica Global Customer Support." and if I reduce the number of IDs to 30 in the file without any other changes, it works well without error.


      The session log doesn't contain any specific error either, and seems the transform thread failed silently - the file being processed contains 50 IDs, meaning 50 lookup activities, but only 44 lookups can be found till the end (PFA. the screenshot of session log), and nothing more after that.


      I have already disabled the cache for lookup and configured the JVMOption with -Xmx2048m for the server, please suggest if anything else needs to be configured, thanks in advance.