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    Web UI bug

    Sanjay Advani New Member

      Every time I log in to change information in the Administration area, old data keeps getting autofilled.  For example, if I update my Salesforce login and security token, the old SOAP API version (31.0) is autofilled in that field, reverting it back.  See attachments.  This is a MAJOR frustration, and really, a pretty big bug, as it causes errors if I do not catch it.  This also happens if I go in to change details on some custom connections I have, leading to the names of connections being lost.


      What can you do to fix this?

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          Akshaye Shreenithi Kirupa Guru

          Hi  Sanjay


          This could be due to browser cache issue. Can you please try out the same in incognito mode of the browser and see if the same issue persists or not?

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            Sanjay Advani New Member

            Hi - I went radio silent on this - but it is still happening.  It may very well be due to a browser cache issue, but as a user, this is a problem, and I should expect to have to clear my cache so your product works.  Logging in to Informatica through an incog window doesn't really work for me b/c of how I get to Informatica through Salesforce SSO.

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              Andrea Picasso Active Member

              Hi Sanjay,


              this is expected behavior on Browser UI where we don't have full control over Browser user settings.

              If you cannot use Incognito, and you are facing cache issue, you might use cache killer as a plugin app from Chrome, it works exactly the same as per incognito. Hope it helps.