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    Read AWS S3 files in Informatica PC

    Saurabh Shrivastava Guru

      Hello All,


      I have a source system which places the .csv files into an AWS S3 bucket inside a folder on a daily basis and this file later on gets archived at some other location after processing. The naming convention of the file is like this DMS_US_SALES-20201209-080547.csv

      File name has the data and time information.


      Now in order to have the source definition in Informatica, I imported the above file as an AWS S3 source via Import from AWS S3 plugin option in source analyzer. In source analyzer, I renamed this source definition as DMS_US_SALES_csv.

      While creating the mapping using AWS S3 as a source, we need to configure the AWS S3 source in it. I did that via providing the details of Access Key, Secret Key, Bucket details etc.



      As highlighted it shows that file name in Record section which I have used while importing. On the next day, this file will not be present at this location as it would get archived after processing.

      After developing mapping, session and all, when I executed my workflow on the next day of source import, it failed with below error


      From the log it is clear that IS is looking for file DMS_US_SALES-20201209-080547.csv but since this file is gone now and does not exist at the location, so it failed. I googled about the error and found that this error occurs due to unavailability of file, which in my case is true.


      Also, in the session level properties, I do not find any option where in I can specify the prefix of file name so that it would search files with that prefix.

      Can someone please help me how can i resolve this issue ?

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