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    How to parametrise expression transformation columns

    Aman Gupta New Member

      Hi Folks,


      I have a requirement where i do want to parametrise the expression transformation columns with day-15 and day-1 date.


      For Ex:-


      Expression Transformation

      ColumnName               Value

      StartDate                       Day-15 i.e 11-17-2020

      EndDate                        Day-1 i.e 12-01-2020


      Values for mentioned columns , I want from parameter file which it will call at runtime. The problem I was facing is of type conversion. I passes parameters like below in the parameter file:-


      $$Start_Date=date +%m/%d/%Y -d '15 days ago'

      $$End_Date=date +%m/%d/%Y -d '1 days ago'


      But while running it takes passed value as string.


      Please suggest , how it can be done.