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    Sorter cache size in TDM 10.4.0

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      Hi All,


      I need to use related tables in some of the rules assignment, which causes sorters to be used in the generated mappings. The problem is the sorters always get a default amount of cache of 8388608 bytes - not even the Auto setting, but this very value specified explicitly. Even in case of a mid-sized table it's a performance disaster. I tried the 'Cache size' plan setting, though the documentation says it applies to dictionaries - but since the default value is 8MB as well, I hoped it would affect the sorters. It didn't - hence I cannot see any way of increasing the sorter cache size at the TDM level (of course it's possible in the session properties in PowerCenter, but it's barely a workaround, not a solution and it's not a case we could call exceptional). Is there any way to cope with that?


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          Nico Heinze Guru

          I don't have a "real" solution for that, only an (ugly) suggestion how to cope with this problem in general (nevertheless it's nothing but a workaround, no discussion):


          After having created all the workflows from the TDM plans, don't run the plans immediately.

          Instead, export all those workflows to one XML file; use an automatic process to replace the cache size 8MB for sorter transformations by Auto (or by a value which you consider suitable for your machines); re-import and re-validate these workflows; and then only run the workflows.


          Of course that means you will have to repeat this process every time the plans are changed. But at least this approach can be fully automated, so you have a workaround which is at least easy to execute (instead of executing any manual work).