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    Handle timeout error as "Not Found"

    Heena Rajvanshi New Member

      Hello All,


      We create below web service mapping wrapper mapping and in which we are fetching results by using SOAP API on the basis of user input By SOAP API , we are getting multiple results on the basis on one input record. So we only store 3 result best topmost result and also remove duplicate from response .But when there  is no match found at that scenario it shows us error as timeout but in place of that it should show "Not Match found" as notification to user.Please find below screenshot also on which we store result and for check duplicate we put logic as :



      For handle the logic that no match found, but it is not working as required. Can anyone help us on this:


      IIF(ISNULL(v_REPLY_3) AND ISNULL(v_REPLY_2) AND ISNULL(v_REPLY_1),'Not match found',IIF(v_REPLY_3=v_REPLY_2,IIF((v_REPLY_2=v_REPLY_1),v_REPLY_2,v_REPLY_1||'****'||v_REPLY_2),IIF((v_REPLY_2=v_REPLY_1),v_REPLY_3||'****'||v_REPLY_2,IIF((v_REPLY_3=v_REPLY_1),v_REPLY_1||'****'||v_REPLY_2,v_REPLY_1||'****'||v_REPLY_2||'****'||v_REPLY_3))))