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    multiple ImportPreprocessors with different priorities, only highest one get activated

    pasquale rossiello Active Member

      Hi Folks


      for a Proof-of-Concept, I need to put on sequence two different import preprocessors, in two different plugins (SDK). I have used the "priority" parameter to establish correct sequence. It seems that only the one with the highest priority get activated, thus sequence does not can be completed.


      There is no official documentation for the ImportPreprocessor extension point in SDK documentation. The popup for the priority description says: "The priority of the import preprocessor. Import prerocessors with a higher priority (bigger value) are processed first", so it seems priority can be used to define precedence between more import processors that can be activated and applied on the same stream.


      Is there a way to build a chain of import processors? Of course, hardcoding is a non-solution, I would like to use plugin declarative approach.

      Is there anyone experienced in configuring a sequence of import preprocessors for the PIM import?


      Kind Regards