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    Delete removed rows in synchronization tasks

    Jackie Bauer Active Member

      I have a synchronization task that uses an Upsert to load from source to our database target. How can I also remove rows in our target that are deleted in the source?  We can't use a Replicate task in this case.

      I saw this: knowledge.informatica.com/s/article/594228 article and tried follow the very last section:



      1. Create a mapping to join Source and Target (salesforce or any DB will work in this method) and create the output as unmatched from Target (Let's assume output name is DltTgt)

      2. Create a MappingTask for this mapping.

      3. a) Create a DSS task and In Definition tab, select "Delete" from Task Operation dropdown

          b) Select DltTgt as source

          c) Select Target from where the data should be deleted.

      4. In a Linear Taskflow, add the mapping and the DSS to run in sequence.


      This task will compare and create a list of data which are only in target, not in source. In the next DSS task, that list will be used as the source and to delete from the same target.

      In this manner, no matter when the data was deleted, if some data is not there in Source but is in Target, that will be captured in this list and eventually will be deleted from the Target.


      Would this work? I may not be undertanding it correctly..it sounds like step 3 would delete all matching data that was loaded in step 1/2, which is the data to keep, not delete...?


      Thanks ahead of time,