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    EDC GUI - Default view - Expanded or Collapsed

    Anubhav Srivastava Active Member



      We are using EDC version 10.4.1


      This post is related to the GUI while browsing a resource. When an Axon Business Domain resource is opened in the EDC, In Overview tab, it shows expanded view of Source Description, Related Glossary Objects, Classified Assets and Related Technical Assets. Similarly it shows various such fields for other types of resources.


      My question is related to the orientation/placement of all the above mentioned fields in the overview field, by default all these fields tabs are expanded and show all/sample artifacts. These tabs can be manually collapsed. I would like to know if there are any settings which can make the collapsed tabs as the default view. We have a requirement by one of the users for such a view. I have attached screenshots of both the views for the reference.


      I did not find anything relevant in the Application Configuration view for the same.


      If anyone has any relevant suggestions then please share. We would appreciate any suggestions.


      Thank You!