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    Informatica Multidomain Localization Support

    Amit Hassanandani New Member



      I am trying to find information about Informatica Multidomain support and limitations for language localization for multi region implementation.


      As per below link to documentation, IDD application supports following languages and I have following clarifications/ confirmations.


                Localization of Data Director


      Questions/ Confirmations -

      1. Does this mean, when we install Informatica Multidomain, these supported languages are by default available in installation and when user logs in to IDD application, they can select any language to see labels, metadata, error reason codes in selected language? Or there are steps given in Localization section of MDM_104_DataDirectorImplementationGuide_en.pdf guide needs to be followed to create localize data and enable it?


      2. Does this mean only supported ten languages are supported? Any other language can not be supported? If can be supported, what are the steps to get supported language files to add to IDD?


      3. If language is changed in IDD, as per documentation, labels, metadata, error messages changes to localized language but what happens to operational text which is retrieved from database as value for label? Are there steps documented to convert operational text on localized IDD page?


      Any other details or link to video showing steps will be very helpful. Appreciate your support.



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          Subbu K Guru

          You can localize the following

          a) Menus, buttons, navigation links, labels, error messages

          b) Business data columns (metadata)

          c) Lookup data

          d) Task actions


          For the business data as such, you cannot localize dynamically. It will show whatever that's in the database. Only exception is the lookup dropdown values which can be localized.


          You can add additional language that's not already there. In order to do so, you need to create message bundle properties for every additional language.


          Follow the documentation stated below,


          Localizing Data Director


          There's also a resource kit utility which is referred to in the above article, to help you with the localization.