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    Informatica fails to send correct # of rows of data

    thomas lawdensky New Member

      Attempting to export csv file containing 116245 rows

      Infomratica only sends 98901 rows of data to SFTP where it should  send 116245 rows of data

      WHen we send the data directly to local file, all the data is contained in the CSV file.

      See Attached for specific  details

      IS there a limit to the amount of data?

      Is there a parameter limiting the amount of data?




      setting  SFTP_MAXWRITESIze  = 8K does not fix the problem;

      setting  SFTP_MAXWRITESIze  = 16K helps but records are being dropped

      setting  SFTP_MAXWRITESIze  = 32K does not work. The process fails and the following error appears again: “CMN_1053 SFTP write failed. [-37] [0] []”