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    Data Explorer v9.1 and Power Exchange

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        We've recently upgraded from Data Explorer 8.6 to IDE v9.1 and am trying to use PowerExchange from within IDE. In v8.6 we were able to after applying a HF. In our current version (v9.1) when I try to use the ODBC powerexchange connections we have setup, I'm receiving the following error message. Our administrator has tried modifying a few setting in a configuration file but the error still exist. I've looked through a number of user guides and reference manuals on 'My Informatica' but haven't been able to locate any information related to this error. Has anyone else encountered this error? Is there a document containing steps to configue PowerExchange to work with Data Explorer v9.1? Any information would be appreciated.





      Error Message:


      The importer encountered a database or data source error while processing the request. Additional Information: Could not select tables.  ODBC returns, [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Option type out of range Reference Code: e0004b00