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    How to Configure RedShift with jar files from the AWS.

    azhar mohammed New Member

      Hi All,

      I have the jar files for Redshift and Athena and i want to establish connectivity using these JDBC connectors for the Redshift and Athena. I am not  able to find the documentation for this. Please advise if we can establish connectivity without using the Informatica provided files as we need license files from Informatica for this.



      Azhar M

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          JanLeendert Wijkhuijs Guru

          Hi Azhar,

          To my knowledge you have 2 options working with Redshift.
          It's either obtaining the PowerExchange license from your Informatica Sales Representative or using odbc connections which in the case of Redshift has some disadvantages.

          Some main disadvantages of using odbc with Redshift are:
          - a truncate on a target is in fact executed as a delete on Redshift which means necessity of a vacuum process.
          - loading performance is far from equal to using S3 and the copy command of the Redshift connector.



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            Rakshitha K. R. Guru

            Hi Azhar,


            Informatica PowerCenter does not support ODBC/JDBC connectivity to Redshift DB.


            Informatica will not support ODBC for connectivity (on the PowerCenter platform) to certain Cloud data sources:


            Amazon Redshift : • Supported with the IICS Cloud connector.

            • Migrate the PowerCenter instance to the Informatica Cloud platform to utilize the Cloud connector for the specific data source.

            • Informatica no longer provides a license for the native PowerExchange adapter.


            Customers who already have the native PowerExchange license may continue to use the native PowerExchange adapter.

            New product features and enhancements would only be prioritized and delivered for the Cloud connector.

            • At its discretion Informatica will undertake commercially reasonable efforts to support customers with


            Please use IICS to connect to Redshift . Or contact your Sales representative to get more details on this.


            Kind Regards,