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    Java Transformation Compile Error

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      I tested a Java Webservice Invocation in a Eclipse( WID) and it worked.Now i want to add to Java Transformation so it can be invoked through Informatica.

      When i added the Libraries to the path , Im getting a Compile error


      MyFile.Java uses or overrides a deprecated API

      Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details


      How can i set this option to recompile ? Is there a .ini file or something where i can specify this compiler options ?

      also where i can specify JVM parameters too.


      Please help asap.


      Thanks in advance.




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          To me it seems as if you're trying to compile your JTX with a different version of the JDK than the WID jar file had been compiled with. PowerCenter 8.1.x contained a JDK 1.4, PowerCenter 8.5.x/8.6.x contained a JDK 1.5, and PowerCenter 9.x is delivered with a JDK 1.6. Please make sure that you compile with external jar files which fit the JDK version of your PowerCenter environment.


          If you ever get a reply to your question about the JVM parameters, could you please let me know as well? Maybe I'm too blind to see this in the documentation...


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            Please use below tag in Java Transformation , Import Packages section.


            @SuppressWarnings({"unchecked", "deprecation"})





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