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    Informatica TDM - any workaround for no data scenario in TDM subset

    Rohit Borse Active Member

      Hi All,


      I am facing no data scenario for my data subset plans in Informatica TDM. I have gone through this link https://kb.informatica.com/h2l/HowTo%20Library/1/0727-RelationshipsAndTheImpactOfOptimizingRelationshipsInTDM-H2L.pdf  but looks like I am slow learner. I am searching for workaround/ways for this.


      I have more than 15 tables in single TDM subset plan. Criteria/filters applied on 4 to 5 tables. Sometimes required data is not present in child tables but present in parent table. All relationships are major at time.


      For example, in below scenario I have applied filter on EMPLOYEE (column GENDER='M') as well as EMPLOYEE_ADDRESS_DETAILS (column ADDRESS_TYPE = 'PERMANANT')


      Intention is that plan should fetch filtered EMPLOYEE records at least even when there are no specific ADDRESS_TYPE = 'PERMANANT' records for those EMPLOYEE records.


      Please help me in case someone have come across such scenarios and have applied workarounds.