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    oSilent Uninstaller Never Uninstalls Informatica 10.4.1 Client

    Keets Scrimalittle New Member



      I have been trying to silently uninstall Informatica 10.4.1 on Windows 10 but it never seems to uninstall silently.  I pulled the installation parameters out of the silentinstall.bat and run it exactly as shown but Nothing gets uninstalled.  I am running "uninstaller.exe -i silent -DINSTALL_MODE=SILENT"  as admin and have tried with the system account as well.  When I run it like shown a pop up comes up saying "The installer cannot run in this ui mode."  The valid modes it suggests includes silent so I don't understand what it is doing I can not find any SilentErrorLog.log that gives any info.  I have tried  "uninstaller.exe -DINSTALL_MODE=SILENT" as well but the uninstaller runs in the background for few seconds then exits.  Can only uninstall using  "uninstaller.exe -DINSTALL_MODE=SWING".  Not sure what could be going on here but input is appreciated.