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    Accepting or Rejecting Assets for Data Domains through Export and Import

    Kenneth Guyette Active Member



      I am looking into the logic for Accepting or Rejecting Data domains through export/import which I believe is new with 10.4 or 10.4.1.




      In reviewing the attached documentation step 6 states:

      "From the Search Result page, Resource Overview tab, or Asset Overview tab, click Menu button and select Import option."

      The issue is that I am only seeing the Export Assets option from the Search Result page.  I was able to export the entire catalog from this page (it is relatively small).



      If I drill down on resource I have the export and import options although the import says "custom attributes".  This is the only place I am finding "Import Assets".



      Question 1 - Can I import the modified file from anywhere other than the resource level or must I export each resource 1 x 1?


      Question 2 - Step 5 in the link also states: "You cannot reject data domains that are inferred or auto-accepted by the profile scanner". 


      How would I know this from the export?  I do not see anything in the export that indicates HOW the domain was applied (i.e. manually, profile scan, etc)


      Question 3 - When accepting and/or rejecting domains through this method does this impact the AI engine (i.e. does it "learn" or is that only through manual acceptance/rejection in the catalog itself?