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    Corruptiting text written in Cyrillic in PowerCenter Repository service 10.4

    Dzmitry Yachnik New Member

      Corruptiting of Cyrillic text in PowerCenter Repository service 10.4 occurs in the following cases:


      • converting repository version : 184 -> to repository version : 188 (update from 9.6.1 -> to 10.4 )
      • using backup/restore mechanism at PowerCenter Repository service 10.4


      We have selected properties on linux server:

      db property of Repository service :Code Page UTF-8 encoding of Unicode

      os locale: LANG=ru_RU.UTF-8


      Corruptiting (symbols was chaned to "?") all comments, describes and even sql-query on tranformations contaning Cyrillic symbols


      we are forced to switch to the new version, but we cannot because losing some of the metadata