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    Changing Database/Schema using REST API

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      How can I change database/schema of target object using REST API for cloud data integration mapping task?

      I have lot of mapping tasks.  How can I get ID of the mapping tasks in V2 REST API?  If I use lookup using name, it is returning the first mapping task with the name.  Is there a way to specify folder name and mapping task name to get the ID?



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          Caroline Siqueira Szarf Active Member

          You can use IICS ReEST API to Update a connection. To do so one needs to fetch the connection details.


          To fetch the connection details, do the following:


          1. Use this request as GET call :



          1. URL: <serverUrl>/api/v2/connection/<id>
          2. Method: GET
          3. Headers: Content-Type: application/json
          4. Accept: application/json
          5. icSessionId: <Enter the session ID received when the login call was made>
          Connection details. You can request the details of a connection or of all connections in the organization. URL:<serverUrl>/api/v2/connection/<id>


          You can change the values depending on what is retrieved by the connection details. And, you can try using V3 as well.
          2. GET call response:

          Q3.PNG 3. POST Call will be used to Update the connection:

            1. URL: <serverUrl>/api/v2/connection/<id>


          1. Method: POST
          2. Headers: Content-Type: application/json
          3. Accept: application/json
          4. icSessionId: <Enter the session ID received when the login call was made>
          5. Update-Mode= PARTIAL


            • Response of the above GET call will be used as Body to this POST call.
            • remove createdBy, createdTime, updatedBy, updatedTime, orgId in the JSON body


          • One can change the connection parameters[connParams] inorder to update a connection.