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    Slow execution of BPM process from PIM to Activevos

    Sidhu Hajare New Member

      We are seeing the trigger messages are flowing very slowly from PIM to activevos BPM server which is causing delay in the execution.

      this is happening when we applied HF1 on PIM version

      we are using Amazon Active MQ as middleware between PIM and BPM.

      can you please help me on this ?

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          Sai Narasimha Prasad Rebba Guru

          Hi Sidhu,


          We have to do following changes in server.properties in order to enable batching. that may increase the fast.

          Remove default batch threshold and batch timeout parameters.


          queue.default.message.batch.threshold = 100

          queue.default.message.batch.timeout = 5000


          Remove all properties related to Data Quality queue.


          queue.dq.type = ${queue.default.type}

          queue.dq.writer.count = ${queue.default.writer.count}

          queue.dq.consumer.count = ${queue.default.consumer.count}

          queue.dq.url = ${queue.default.url}

          queue.dq.username = ${queue.default.username}

          queue.dq.password = ${queue.default.password}

          queue.dq.message.format = XML

          queue.dq.name = P360_DATA_QUALITY

          queue.dq.label = Data Quality

          queue.dq.delivery.delay = ${queue.default.delivery.delay}

          queue.dq.message.batch.threshold = ${queue.default.message.batch.threshold}

          queue.dq.message.batch.timeout = ${queue.default.message.batch.timeout}

          Add new properties for batch queue. Threshold and Timeout values are not required here.



          queue.batchapi.type = ${queue.default.type}

          queue.batchapi.writer.count = ${queue.default.writer.count}

          queue.batchapi.consumer.count = ${queue.default.consumer.count}

          queue.batchapi.url = ${queue.default.url}

          queue.batchapi.username = ${queue.default.username}

          queue.batchapi.password = ${queue.default.password}

          queue.batchapi.message.format = XML

          queue.batchapi.name = P360_BATCH_API

          queue.batchapi.label = Batch API

          queue.batchapi.delivery.delay = ${queue.default.delivery.delay}


          Thank you
          Sai Prasad

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