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    Syncing data between MDM Hub and external system.

    Anish Satalkar New Member

      I am completely new to Informatica MDM Hub. I have a requirement, where any record added, updated or deleted in any base object should be notified to an external system. While going through the docs, I primarily found 2 approaches to achieve this:


      1. Using outbound JMS queue in the Publish process.

      This seems straightforward, where I'll configure what changes need to be pushed to C_REPOS_MQ_DATA_CHANGE table and in doing so, the outbound JMS queue would be populated if any changes occurred in base objects. My external application would keep polling this queue and my requirement is satisfied.


      2. Setting up external web calls from MDM Hub to my external system using Provisioning Tool.

      This approach seems better since here, MDM Hub and my external system would be very loosely coupled using HTTP. Is this the standard way of notifying external systems of data changes in MDM Hub?


      Are there any pros and cons between the two approaches?