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    C360 users getting instant matches?

    Forrest Ching New Member

      Hi Team,


      I want to enable my C360 users to get the feeling that the file imports they perform get instantly run against match rules and Tasks get created where flagged.  Essentially this:


      1) Forrest successfully uploads 1,000 persons data via C360 UIʻs File Import (mapped into C_BO_PRTY)

      2) The C_BO_PRTY match rules get kicked off and run against the data and take action e.g. update existing, create new uniques, flag for further review


      3) Anything that requires a manual merge gets created as a Task




      In the OOTB implementation, the Tasks do not get created automatically.  Is there a way to configure this in MDM Hub Console or Provisioning Tool or am I going to have to write a custom script?