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    ValueSetLocal - ValueGetLocal (PIM

    Margot Emmers Active Member

      Good afternoon,


      In PIM10 new export functions are available.
      Is there some documentation about 'how to use' these functions with some examples? Especially about the ValueSetLocal - ValueGetLocal and the difference between the ValueSet - ValueGet
      In the short description of the function I understand that the ValueSetLocal - valueGetLocal preferable be used while the information is not stored through the whole export template. But also that the information is only available in the same module/submodule.


      So I guess this function is not usable when ValueSet and ValueGet is used to get information from a different datasource while you have to use them in two different modules?

      - first module : ValueSet - data source Structure system / PresetValues

      {?ValueSetLocal "PresetValueImage", {&Preset values (including language data).Identifier}, {?LowerCase {&Preset values (including language data).Preset value Image}}

      - second module : ValueGet - data source  Changed and new items / Feature values

      {?ValueGetLocal "PresetValueImage", {&Feature values.Structure preset value identifier (Item)}


      It would be great if someone could help me out. Thanks in advance.


      Kind regards,