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    Assign workflow based on data value

    Nick St. John New Member

      Greetings and Salutations,


      I am trying to determine if something is possible, and if so, how to do it.  I have an Data Quality (10.2 HF2) workflow that is taking work performed by agents and auditing said data.  What I want to do is to create a single workflow that would then assign the failed audits that a specific agent did back to the specific agent who performed the original work, without having to re-deploy the workflow on each cycle to update for new hires/terminations.


      I see the options to assign based on a list on a table, which solves the new hire/termination cycle, but that looks like it is still going to deploy to the 'next available' on the list.  How can I assign their work back to them?
      Example Data set below:
      Account_ID, Updated_Data_Field, Agent_Identifier