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    How to get required XML format from JSON data

    pranay redddy Active Member

      Hi ,


      i have a requirement to send data to external sites using ICAI.


      input data:

      [{ "col1":"abc","col2":"USA"},

      { "col1":"def","col2":"CHI"},

      { "col1":"xyz","col2":"SPA"}]



      output format:

      <abcschema _operation="insert" col1="abc" col2="USA"/>

      <abcschema _operation="insert" col1="def" col2="CHI"/>

      <abcschema _operation="insert" col1="xyz" col2="SPA"/>


      I used replace functions to send data but when columns are more then it is decreasing performance.

      Any alternate functions if you provide it would be really help full.


      Thanks in Advance