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    Salesforce Event Subscription failing often after republish

    Srikanth patevar Seasoned Veteran


      I have installed a managed package in Salesforce org and successfully created a salesforce connection in CAI. I have two events to subscribe it worked fine when first published the connection but once I republish the connection by making some changed problems started saying below error.

      Could someone help how to resolve this, before you ask me all settings fine at the salesforce side, there are no IP restrictions and the user also have access to all events as profile is sys admin.


      ERROR [SalesforceHttpClient@158c634c-144] [org.apache.camel.processor.FatalFallbackErrorHandler] [{}] - \--> New exception on exchangeId: ID-TEST-1600153701174-0-8

      org.activebpel.rt.AeException: org.activebpel.rt.AeException: org.apache.camel.component.salesforce.api.SalesforceException: Error subscribing to /event/User__e: 403:denied_by_security_policy:subscribe_denied

      at com.activevos.socrates.connectors.streaming.salesforce.processor.AeToSalesForceExceptionProcessor.process(AeToSalesForceExceptionProcessor.java:86) ~[com.activevos.socrates.connectors.camel-salesforce-20.0401.00-SNAPSHOT.jar:20.0401.00-SNAPSHOT]