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    PowerCenter Data Integration 10 Developer, Professional Certification

    Anirudh Pratap New Member

      Hello All


      I am planning to prepare and take the test for PowerCenter Data Integration 10 Developer, Professional Certification exam. I am looking for the training material that I can refer to for the preparation of the exam. I saw their training Level 1 and Level 2 trainings but they are very costly, and I can't afford to do them. Since I have been using Informatica for some time, I was hoping there is some preparation material/videos I can refer to for preparing for the test.


      Is there anyone here who has done the certification successfully and guide me for the preparation material of the certification exam?


      Thanks a lot in advance.




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          Nico Heinze Guru

          There are many people here who did these certifications.

          The point is that everyone attending this certification has to sign that we adhere to the rules of this exam. And these rules very clearly state that we must NEVER discuess any certification questions in public, so I can't give really specific answers.

          What I can tell you is this: I'm working with PowerCenter for 19 years now, and I do know the certification questions quite well. Don't take this exam lightly. Having developer's experience for e.g. two years is probably not enough, you need a very broad range of development experience to answer all questions off the top of your head.


          When you subscribe for the exam, you get a (very short) list of topics which you shall prepare for.

          Take this list, download the manuals for the current PowerCenter version (at this time, 10.4.1), and for each topic in the list search the manuals (PDF files) for this topic. Read everything that you find. I mean "everything".


          This is lengthy, yes, but that's the only way which I see how someone with let's say two years of DWH developer's experience can manage to answer enough questions. You will find questions where one single word makes the difference between a 99% correct answer and a 100% correct answer; and missing such small details can mean the difference between passing an exam and failing it.

          That's why I say, read everything related to each of those topics to prepare for.


          You can trust me, these exams are way too hard for inexperienced people. While the knowledge from Developer 1 and 2 courses is in theory sufficient to pass these exams, you would need a photographic memory to recall all the necessary details during the exams.




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            Asmita Kesarwani Guru

            As Nico mentioned we cannot give really specific answers and you will have to go through all the details.

            You can go to Informatica Network and get the documents which may help you.




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              Anirudh Pratap New Member

              Thanks for your reply Nick. Let me clarify my question - I am not looking for anyone to give up any questions/anything confidential that would fall under NDA as that is not what I asked for in my question and neither am I taking the exam lightly, thanks for the heads-up though, hence I am asking if anyone can guide me (possibly with URLs) for the correct training material.


              My question is - If anyone has already cleared this certification recently, please suggest how to start preparing, where to get proper reference material from for this certification. I went through the skill set inventory (https://informatica.csod.com/clientimg/informatica/LOResource/18544_2016062708145303_778378210_PDF.pdf ) but seems like there are no clear manuals (PDF files) like you mentioned for Informatica 10.4.1  for all topics in KB or anywhere (except Designer Guide, that too for 10.0 - https://kb.informatica.com/proddocs/Product%20Documentation/4/PC_100_DesignerGuide_en.pdf ).


              So, for people who have done certification recently can you please guide me about the resources (or where to find them) you used and guide accordingly.


              Thanks for the tip though, Nico.




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                Nico Heinze Guru

                With pleasure, Anirudh. Please trust me, I did not at all mean to "insult" you or name you careless or whatever, that was just my usual style of writing such posts (because many people are careless towards their job, that's unfortunately the naked truth).


                And yes, you will have to search your way through the manuals in order to get to the points you need.

                Let's take an example.

                Let's say the skill set inventory would mention one point "SQL transformation with dynamic queries".

                In this case I would go to the Transformation Guide and browse through the introduction for the SQL Transformation.

                Once I feel I got the gist of it, I would look for "dynamic queries". If I find such a headline, I would read this chapter.

                This topic would (probably, I haven't checked) lead - as a cross-reference - to "static" and "dynamic" query parameters.

                So the next point would be to read about static and dynamic parameters for SQL transformations.


                Yes, this is a lengthy process.

                And it will not become easier for any of the subjects in the skill set.

                But that's indeed the only way to really understand all those details which you need to know for these exams.


                DISCLAIMER: the last four times when I have taken this exam, no questions about the SQL Transformation were presented to me. That's the reason why I have chosen it as an example. I do not know and I cannot tell whether the current exam contains any questions about the SQL Transformation. It was only meant as an example how I proceed to prepare myself for this exam, nothing else. Any similarity (or equality) with real-life questions from the PowerCenter Designer exam is purely coincidential.


                Does that clarify your question a bit? I know, this is not too helpful, it's the plain truth.