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    Informatica MDM 10.4 - REST API calls

    Inbaraj Anbalagan Active Member

      Hi Team,


      I am trying to read data from MDM, using POST method as mentioned in this doc-

      POST Request to Specify Sort Order of Child Elements


      As per the doc


        coFilter: {
        object: {
        key: {
        rowid: 1242
        order: "lastName",
        {name:"Names", order:"-name"},
        {name:"Phone", order:"phoneNum, -phoneCountryCd",
        object:[{name:"PhonePermissions", order:"-column1"}]


      If I understand correctly, in the example shown in above document, Person is the entity name and ReadPerson is used to perform a read on the entity using POST method.


      However, when I try to do the same (using SOAP 5.5 or Postman) I am getting the below error-



         "errorCode": "SIP-50207",

         "errorMessage": "SIP-50207: The business entity service specified in the REST URL [ReadPerson] does not exist. Specify a valid business entity service in the REST URL."



      Please let me know how I can achieve this.


      Also I am able to search data (retrieve data) using GET method. However due to security concerns we don't want to use GET method (as we pass all the information in URL in  and we do our search based on SSN and other sensitive data)

      Hence we consider to use POST method, where we can pass this information in the payload


      Hi smurugaswami@informatica.com,


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