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    P360 v10HF1 - JMS - BPM workflow: how to execute DELETE?

    Arjen Martens New Member

      Hi all,


      While the accelerator pack for PIM v10HF1 contains the JMS demo.zip which includes nice basic examples, I do miss one important type of action: DELETE.


      Nowhere is it mentioned which wsdl operation to use to DELETE a record through JMS based requests.



      I've already tried to use the "callWithoutParameters" operation in combination with a DELETE method, but this does not work.

      Neither does it work to use the listWrite operation since that is programmed to write to PIM with a message content (formerly done in JSON with direct REST).


      Hence my question: Does anyone know how to DELETE a record, e.g. Product2G based on the P360JMS.wsdl?


      Thanks in advance!